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The Scarlet Thread LLC is a Christian arts organization that produces art that helps skeptics overcome intellectual barriers to faith in Jesus Christ. Our target customers are pastors, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, new Christians, inquisitive non-Christian and even hostile anti-Christians who want someone to argue with in an attempt to discredit the validity of the Christian faith.

The Scarlet Thread LLC creates books, podcasts, explainer videos, animations and comic books that present the validity of the reasons for faith in God and the invalidity of objections to the Christian faith; thereby overcoming barriers to faith in God, which results in peace with God, direction, meaning, significance, purpose and a moral compass by which we can navigate through life in a meaningful way resulting in wholesome relationships and a moral and meaningful life.

What makes The Scarlet Thread LLC unique is we imitate the approach Jesus Christ took to storytelling. He often answered a question with a question, which was more powerful than a direct answer. His parables provoked introspection in the mind of the questioner who then realized the answer to the question posed. For example, when the expert in the law asked Jesus "who is my neighbor?" Jesus told him the parable about the Good Samaritan and then he asked the man, "Which of these three do you think was a neighbor?" The man then answered the very question he had just asked Jesus. Jesus didn't answer his question. He illustrated the answer with a vivid telling of an engaging, thought-provoking story with lots of imagery. Jesus is the master storyteller. Here, at the Scarlet Thread LLC, we emulate the master, only we do it with the arts.

The Scarlet Thread LLC succeeds because far too many people are experiencing, a lack of direction, lack of meaning, lack of significance, lack of purpose and need a moral compass to navigate through life in a meaningful way. They desire wholesome relationships and a moral and meaningful life

The Scarlet Thread LLC differs from our competitors such as The Bible Project because while both use the arts The Scarlet Thread LLC uses humor. Reasonable Faith another evangelistic ministry is dry, humorless and intellectually dense while The Scarlet Thread LLC’s approach is simplified and comprehensible.Billy Graham Evangelistic Association caters to Pastors while The Scarlet Thread LLC caters to those who are not familiar with the Bible. Living Waters is formulaic while The Scarlet Thread LLC is much more creative.

The Scarlet Thread LLC offers products and services that address pain points differently and appeal to a different clientele than the competition. For example, The Scarlet Thread LLC uses humor and simplified presentations that are culturally sensitive and relevant to groups of people who cannot relate to the approach of its competitors.

We create educational entertainment that helps people understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the spirit of his parables

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