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So, what do I do?

Read below:


I draw humorous exaggerations of people for live caricatures.
The following is my average speed:
B&W head only: 12 per hour
B&W head & body: 8 per hour
Color head only: 8 per hour
Color head & body: 6 per hour
The time it takes is affected by how many hyperactive "terrible twos" babies sit in my chair or how many inebriated guests want to stay in the seat and display their comedic gifts; consequently, the number of caricatures per hour are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.

Don't make me look fat
Don't draw my double chin
Don't make me look old
Don't draw the bags under my eyes
Don't draw my crows feet

Don't worry about any of the above. I exaggerate the best in you. Everybody is beautiful and I aim to capture that in my drawings. I capture the humor too, but I do it tastefully. Just tell me, on a scale from 1 to 10, how wild do you want me to make your caricature. I can make them mild, wild or extreme.

I remember doing caricatures while surrounded by numerous samples of my caricatures and people would still sit down and expect a portrait! Now I bend over backwards to make it clear to people what a caricature is! I do caricatures!

For a mild caricature. I constrain the caricaturist in me and only do limited exaggeration. I'm not a mean guy; so, I don't ridicule people. I playfully toy with them.

I have been a caricaturist since 1994 and have done caricatures at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Kraft Foods' Booth at the Essence Fest in New Orleans and the southern Baptist Convention at the Superdome in New Orleans. In addition to this he has worked at various colleges and universities across the country, many trade shows and conventions, parties and weddings.

I have created many editorial cartoons for the Washington Afro-American, many other papers in Washington DC, art for artist residencies, book and magazine illustration, news paper comics and illustrations (Lousiana Weekly, San Francisco Bayview, Presbyterians Today and Data News just to name a few).

I created his own comic strip entitled "Hey, Whoodi", has been involved with mural projects in New Orleans and Dallas, and also been featured in gallery exhibitions such as the Wild About Music Art Gallery in Austin, TX and the Louisiana Music New Orleans Pride music conference and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He has also been an artist with the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. The Nebraska Urban League, Mc Donalds restaurant and Nickelodeon are also among his clients

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