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By Warrior Richardson

Eventually, the tide was turned, and I was the one leading others to Christ. The first time I ever led anyone to Christ I did it using my testimony. I did not know what I was doing. A friend of mine who had known me since high school just could not get over the fact that as avidly anti-Christian as I was, I had actually become a Christian, especially since I was the one who had made him feel comfortable with his own atheism. He could not stop asking me about my transformation. Towards the end of our four-hour conversation I thought, "He seems like he's saved." By the time we arrived at his apartment I knew he was saved. He was like a completely different person, and his understanding of scripture had taken a quantum leap in just the short period of time in which he had been saved, which could not have been much more than an hour. In hindsight, I remember feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit, but I had not had that experience before—leading someone to Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit; so I did not, at that time, realize that was what had happened.

It’s amazing what we can do when we just obey God. He does it all, and we are just along

for the ride. It’s so easy and natural. Too many people think they need a PhD in theology in order to lead someone to Christ; but the reality is that you can lead someone to Christ with your testimony—simply by telling them what happened to you to the best of your understanding. After all, that's what the Apostles did (Acts 2). A testimony is good, but a testimony plus an explanation is even better and more effective; but never underestimate the power of a personal testimony (Revelation 12:11). It can be the starting point.


In this blog I take a close look at a wide variety of topics using the Bible as my lens. When we look at the world through the lens of scripture we discover life-changing truth that transforms us. We discover our

identity, purpose and worth. We find answers to life's most pressing questions. “If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there.” But when we look at the world through the lens of scripture we find the "way, the truth and the life;" then we live life to the fullest.

The Scarlet Thread LLC is a Christian media production company that produces e-books, audio books, podcasts, explainer videos, animations and comic books in an effort to help skeptics overcome intellectual and emotional barriers to faith.

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